Places where visitors can bath in Bath’s hot springs:

Thermae Bath Spa, which is the most popular place to experience Bath’s hot springs. Thermae has two large pools with thermal water, including the iconic rooftop pool, plus a large swimming pool in the basement.
There’s also a wellness suite with steam rooms, a sauna and other relaxing and rejuvenating experiences.
Read on for more about what it’s like to visit Thermae Bath Spa. The historic Cross Bath, which is now part of Thermae and can be rented for 1.5 hour sessions or for private functions. The Gainsborough Bath Spa Hotel, which has a luxurious thermal spa for hotel guests.

Few Reasons Why 'Thermal'
is Good for you

Thermal water is considered excellent for any skin conditions, especially for atopic skin. Baths also support the action of the digestive system - alleviating bone pain and affecting the upper limbs. Their high temperature regulation affects the hormonal balance and the regulation of metabolism.
Highly mineralized thermal water has an antioxidant effect.
Positive effect on the work of the heart and the entire circulatory system.

Escape to Geothermal Springs in UK

Bakewell British Legion 11.6 °C (52.9 °F)
Bakewell Recreation Ground 13.3 °C (55.9 °F)
Bath 40 °C (104 °F)
Beresford Dale, River Dove 13.8 °C (56.8 °F)
Bradwell Spring 12.4 °C (54.3 °F)
Crich, Meerbrook Sough, Leashaw Farm 17 °C (63 °F)
Crich, Ridgeway Sough, Whatstandwell 14.1 °C (57.4 °F)

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