Geothermal Pool Waters

How Hot Pools Waters Heals our mind, body and soul.

Geothermal waters

Geothermal water is heated naturally beneath the earth’s surface. Often in Iceland, as in other places, it rises naturally to the surface, bringing with it a high mineral content.

Most popular thermal places: Blue Lagoon, Iceland, Thermae Bath Spa, Bath, Hévíz Lake, Hévíz, Széchenyi Baths, Budapest, Hungary, Bains de Dorres, Pyrenees, France, 7132 Therme Vals, Switzerland, Uniejów Thermal Spa, Poland, Saturnia Hot Springs, Italy.

Many years before, It’s been distributed and used for heating homes, schools, greenhouses and pools. There are two tectonic plates meeting below the surface of Iceland; the North American and Eurasian plates have a turbulent meeting point. That geological friction creates heat which then results in an abundance of geothermally-heated water. The earth heats the water all by itself.

Ground water at elevated temperature, heated by heat from the interior of the Earth. According to the Geological and Mining Law, thermal waters are waters which at the outflow from the intake have a temperature of not less than 20°C. Depending on the temperature of the geothermal water, various ways of its subsequent use are possible. In Poland, the temperature of geothermal waters does not exceed 80°C. Thermal waters are exploited on a large scale, for example in Iceland, New Zealand, the USA, Germany and France. These waters are used for recreational and health resort purposes, heating, energy, as well as for the production of cosmetics.

What is thermal water

It is deep water, extracted from hot springs, thanks to the geothermal activity of the earth. Extraction of thermal water takes place deep underground – and flowing through successive layers of rocks and earth, thermal water is enriched with other valuable minerals and microelements. Believe it or not, thermal water itself does have some skin-nourishing qualities, even though it may not be the magic cure-all it’s sometimes said to be.

It is not without reason that France, where there are many geothermal springs, is the mother of thermal water. Every French brand offers thermal water – Vichy, La Roche Posay, Avene, Uriage.

Is one thermal water really better than another? Yes, and it is related to the place and depth of extraction of healing water – one may be richer in selenium and the other in magnesium.

The different content of microelements should determine the choice of the right thermal water for your skin needs.